Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Microstory 1213: Darrow Ness

Very little is known about Darrow Ness, a.k.a The Maverick, and that’s saying a lot, because given enough time, pretty much anyone’s story can be uncovered. People are aware of him, and they have memories of their encounters with him, but no individual has enough of an understanding of his life to truly know who he is. First off, there’s reason to suspect Darrow wasn’t always his name, mostly because he doesn’t immediately respond to it; at least not as quickly as most people do. He’s apparently revealed multiple origin stories to those who have asked him about it, all of which contradict each other, so the assumption among people who know him is that he’s purposefully misleading them. He has the ability to travel through time, and he seems to be able to detect death, but there’s one power that he’s never told anyone else about. He can erase people’s memories. It’s unclear what his limits are, but he can exercise this control over seemingly anyone, and he does so to protect his own timeline. Darrow doesn’t erase the memories of everyone, for every thing he does, but he does like to keep himself wrapped in mystery. And no one is immune; not even The Superintendent. Nothing he’s claimed about himself can be verified or debunked. He is a killer, who uses his time traveling ability to assassinate targets, usually upon the request of someone else. This is all anyone knows of him, though again, there’s evidence to support  the idea that he has spent entire timelines displaying no violent behavior. Perhaps the secret to him lies in these alternate realities.

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