Monday, November 4, 2019

Microstory 1226: Octavian

Octavian of the Roman Kingdom was not a good person. In fact, he was significantly worse than his brother, Sevastian, which most who had only met the latter would have doubted was possible. He was a born killer, first fighting in the Army, and then traveling through time, assassinating targets as assigned to him by his superior. Unlike his brother, Octavian didn’t hesitate for one second when this mysterious man appeared in their lives, and offered them these new jobs. He didn’t much care who he was fighting for, or for what cause, as long as he had a blade in hand, and a target to attack. He had a little more trouble grasping the concept of time travel, and struggled with understanding the idea of the more advanced weapons that his new leader, Darrow introduced him to, but he never stopped liking it. He liked it when he was doing it for his people, and also when it was as an assassin. Had he been born a couple thousand years later, he would have become a serial killer. It was really just luck that he was tasked with only killing bad people. Despite the fact that he now had the ability to travel through time, and also to supernaturally find the location of his targets, Octavian was an unremarkable man. He wasn’t an exceptional killer on his own, and relied heavily on Darrow’s tactical planning, and Sevastian’s skill. One thing he had going for him was that he was good at following orders, which meant the other two didn’t generally have to worry about him going rogue, and killing anyone who looked at him funny. But he did enjoy the work a little too much, and it made him arrogant enough to be killed by an opponent who should have never been able to get the upper hand on him. Even though many time travelers recognized there to be at least some value in the three of them existing in the timeline, no one was upset when they learned of his and his brother’s deaths. The timeline continued on without them.

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