Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Microstory 1368: Security Job Security

Security Department Head: Did you happen to read any of that document we emailed you?
Veteran: The one that came through a secure server, and made me register on a website to read it?
Security Department Head: Yes, that one.
Veteran: Yeah, I read the whole thing.
Security Department Head: Then this is mostly a formality, but not completely. I have to fill out this paperwork that says I went over your clearance, but if you went over the entirety of it yourself, we should be fine. I mean, you have pretty high level military security clearance, so if the government already trusts you, I see little reason for us to doubt your capacity of safety and security.
Veteran: No, sir. 
Security Department Head: I did want to take a moment to speak with you about your expectations for this job, and your reasons for being here. Even though we’re not exactly the most prestigious security firm in the nation, we’re still mostly composed of vets and cops—myself being a major exception; I was a federal agent—so we run in the same circles. I’ve heard your name floating around. Apparently, you’ve been in discussions with some other firms? Tell me about that.
Veteran: That’s right. A third of my unit have taken jobs at one firm, while another third started their own on the East coast.
Security Department Head: And the third third?
Veteran: Various other jobs; some of which aren’t all that glamourous. I fall into that category, I suppose. I’m pretty sick of stocking groceries, though.
Security Department Head: So, you’re not interested in working for one of these larger outfits?
Veteran: No, sir. I’m sure I’ll be quite content here.
Security Department Head: Okay, well the reason I ask is because we’ve been approached by both of these companies for a takeover. We do not intend to be swallowed up by them, but you can imagine how suspicious it is that someone as overqualified as you has stooped to our level.
Veteran: I wouldn’t say that I’m stooping to your level. Like I said, I’ll be happy here. I don’t need to go overseas, or even get paid all that much. I just want to put in my hours, protect some people who need it, then go home. I got enough pressure when I was stationed on the border.
Security Department Head:’re not a corporate spy?
Veteran: I’m not at all, no.
Security Department Head: Don’t laugh. You wouldn’t be the first one.
Veteran: I’m sorry for my attitude, and I’m sorry for whatever’s happened. I promise I’m not here on behalf of anyone but your company, and me.
Security Department Head: All right. I’ll press it no further. Let’s go up to HR to make sure there isn’t anything else we need before you can start. Is Monday still good for you?
Veteran: It is, sir. Thank you, sir.

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