Thursday, October 1, 2020

Microstory 1464: Hot Take

In the year 2017, a woman named Hokusai Gimura finally finished building herself a little spaceship. It was decades more advanced than anything the world had at the time, and that was because she had a little help from the world of salmon and choosing ones. She integrated temporal powers into the ship’s systems, which allowed her to travel beyond the reaches of the solar system, and land on Durus. She was looking for her daughter, Hilde, who was in Springfield when the Deathfall transported the entire town to the rogue world. Hokusai knew that her daughter would be long dead by the time she arrived, but she was unable to procure technology that would get her there faster, and she hoped someone at her destination would have the ability to travel backwards in time. She quickly discovered that this was not the case. While the mage remnants did possess extraordinary abilities, none of them was strong enough to get her back to 2016, or even anywhere close to it. She was stuck in 2161, but even though she might never see her daughter again, that didn’t mean there wasn’t work to be done here. As soon as she arrived, the authorities took her in for questioning. Had she come just a few years earlier, she would have been very poorly treated, but since Amrit Bax took over as leader, she was just treated not super great. They didn’t celebrate her like a hero, but they didn’t lock her in a cage, and make her drink her own urine either. Bax and his friends had changed a lot about how the government was run, but they hadn’t fixed everything, and she was still considered an untrustworthy person. The fact that she was smart enough to build a spaceship, and travel here all the way from Earth was something most could not believe. She must have stolen it, and set it to autopilot.

Hokusai started making waves when she showed up, but not because of anything she said. She was kept pretty well hidden from the public, or at least her words were. She knew she was in a different culture, and even if she didn’t agree with it at all, she couldn’t just go around trying to kick up a stink. Her first priority was surviving, and then maybe she could join the revolution, or something. Even so, news of the visitor spread across the city as fast as lightning, and soon people were attributing thoughts and ideas to her for which she couldn’t take credit. Of course, people had already been trying to move the planet towards a state of true equality, but sometimes hearing the same thing from a different source can change how it’s received. Nevertheless, her arrival alone would not be enough. They needed more. They needed her to actually do something. Well, that wouldn’t be easy, but she wouldn’t have much of a choice anyway. Hokusai, and the rest of the world, would soon learn that Durus was hurtling towards Earth, and would collide with it unless something could be done about it. Certain scientists and other experts had been trying to come up with a solution since they found out about this, but the government’s official stance was that it was not happening, and that one day, it would all go away, like a miracle. Hokusai’s ship was vital to a plan that a small group of time travelers had come up with. And Hokusai herself was the one to pilot it. She literally steered Durus through space using time technology, and saved both planets from complete annihilation. This prompted a companion event to the Deathfall, which would later be called the Deathspring, but had she done nothing, they would have all been doomed. Now they owed her, but all she asked was that they change everything about how they did everything.

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