Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Microstory 1483: Time Tech Rises

For five years, the best of the best scientists and engineers buckled down on research in order to figure out how to translate all useful paramount powers to technology, or even implant them in other people. They didn’t want to try that second thing too much, though. They were not transhumanists, at least not most of the Durune. Some of the Earthans who came during the Deathspring already had technological upgrades on their bodies, and this actually helped further the research. But the main purpose was to give people what they needed to live their lives. Everyone on Earth had clothes and ways of communicating with each other, and they had access to these conveniences pretty much all the time. The existence of people with powers had always hindered some of that progress on Durus, though of course, it wasn’t the only reason. They were cut off from civilization, and doing what they could with fewer resources, so that slowed it down too. Now that the government was stable, and society was thriving, it was time to make comparable—or maybe even superior—technology to what people had now back on the homeworld. Around 2190, they started coming out with a line of products that people would use as needed. They rated them according to a ubiquity scale that they came up with. Everyone would have a teleportation wristband, which would allow them to jump to any point in space on the surface of the planet. In order to protect privacy, and ensure safety, though, some locations were blocks from some people. They could set up something called a spatial lock, which was like the teleporting equivalent to a door lock. If one were not authorized to be in a particular area, they could not jump there. People’s homes, bank vaults, doctors offices; all these required their own spatial locks, which were regulated and protected by a governmental body.

Other advances had less ubiquity. They came up with something called speed school, which would place students in time bubbles that moved faster than the time outside. Someone could learn a skill or topic at about the same speed as they would in the regular dimension, but once they stepped back out, very little time would have passed for everyone else, which allowed any education program to be greatly reduced in terms of total time taken. People were given agelessness pils, and transdimensional living spaces, if they wanted it. Different people wanted, and needed, different things, but the technologies were there to let everyone survive and be happy, without worrying about a lot of the inconveniences of yesteryear. There was one particular invention that had a lot more trouble coming through. They called it the day pass. It would allow a user to travel back in time one entire day, but not physically. This was consciousness transference, so people would be able to start their day over again. This had such a low ubiquity rating, that it was generally just treated as a zero. Only a select few people would be given this privilege, and only for certain reasons. Life was still dangerous, and the day pass allowed a small team to fix problems that happened; people’s deaths, and other accidents, namely. Scientists and law enforcement worked together, and lobbied the government to give them permission to use this new technology. Time travel was illegal, so it wasn’t easy, but they did finally get their day pass. World leadership had some conditions, though. In fact, they had rules and regulations about all these inventions, but that was okay, because no one wanted them to result in chaos. This was only the beginning.

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