Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Microstory 1473: The Warren Arrives

In 2161, Hokusai arrived on Durus, having traveled there from Earth. For a second, a select few native Durune were excited. This could be an opportunity to return to their roots. By then, however, most people considered Durus to be their home, and as bad as it might have been, they wanted to fight for it, rather than just leave. They did not know much about Earth, but there seemed to be no reason to put it on a pedestal. By 2170, however, these sentiments had shifted, because of the change in population. There were plenty of Earthans there who were unwillingly sucked up by the Deathspring. And they told stories to the Durune about how much the Earth had changed; how much it had improved. Nearly all of the refugees wanted to go back home, but now even some Durune were starting to feel the same way. After having failed to receive help on this front from the salmon battalion, these hopefuls needed a new plan. When a ship called The Elizabeth Warren arrived, hope was sparked once more. Unfortunately, the Warren wasn’t here to rescue all of the refugees. They were there to bring back one person, and her mother. Before she died, Andromeda had a child with her wife, Saga Einarsson, and a donor father named Camden Voss. Both of the latter two came to this planet during the Deathspring, but were kind of just planning to stick around, even after Andromeda’s passing. Étude Einarsson was a special little girl, who was destined to help a lot of people on Earth. She was born to be a Savior, one in a class of salmon whose responsibility it was to save lives by being teleported to people by the omniscient powers that be. The people sent to retrieve her had no choice. They couldn’t leave without her, and they weren’t able to take extras. While the Warren was a lot larger than Hokusai Gimura’s one-seater, it was still only designed for a crew of six. A few more could fit, but it would make it more cramped, and three of those slots were going to be taken by Saga, little Étude, and Camden.  Well, the Durue didn’t entirely understand this, and even those who did didn’t care that much. People were growing antsy, and some were starting to feel entitled. Sure, the ship couldn’t accommodate hundreds of passengers, but that wasn’t relevant. It only needed to hold the one person who felt they deserved it the most, and that person couldn’t care less whether any other person felt that they were the one most deserving instead. It would be a few more years before the ship was ready to go, partially because it took some time to locate the Einarssons, partially because two of their crew members had some strange scheduling issues, but mostly because of an uprising that delayed the departure. Until then, life in Durus became a little heated, and some were worried that the era of peace they thought they had just ushered in wasn’t going to last very long. They needed someone to calm them down. They needed a new mayor of Aljabara.

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