Monday, November 23, 2020

Microstory 1501: Land of Monsters

I am a monster, and I come from a land of monsters
But I am not the same as them
Amongst the crowd, I stand out
They are all white, and I am black
Though I am not in the crowd, am I?
I was exiled
I am Exile
The humans do not accept me either
So I am alone

My protectors, they say that I am stuck between two worlds
But this is not true—it cannot be true, and it does not feel so anyway
I am of no world, of no home
A train came once, and asked if I would like to leave
But I did not
I thought, if I stayed here, maybe I can find happiness
Everyone keeps talking about it, it must exist

They all try to understand me, but it’s impossible
The humans are oppressed, but united against
The monsters, they are a monolith

I was wrong to stay, I should have taken a chance
If no place is my place, then I ought to be always on the move
The next opportunity I get, I must go
It might be the train
It might be where the rest of the humans live
Or it may even be the Land of Monsters

I know only that I cannot be here anymore
I think I see a boat on the water

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