Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Microstory 1502: Blackbabbler

I am not a killer, not a violent man
But when I see pain, or injustice, or betrayal
When I see a man treat a woman like a gaarkania thorn
Or a leader lead his people into darkness
I will strike
I will become the blackbabbler
Lining his brood spawn with a toxic layer of bubbles
Snapping at anything that dares swim near

I will become anything and everything to her
And to all other innocents
Being taken advantage of
Being stepped on, and pushed around
I will be doing the pushing from now on
If that means towards a better path
Or off a cliff
I will what I must

He slides slowly through the air
And for a time, I wonder if he’ll land
I wonder if someone will reach out and pluck him from his death
Is this a waste of my time?
No, for this is happening
What I have done cannot be undone
And if he shall survive, he will still know it was me
He will know that I judged him guilty
He will know that he is guilty

I am guilty too
I know that taking a life is not right
But what’s wrong is not always wrong
Unlike him, I will take ownership of my actions
I will not lie, or slither, or hide outside the river of time
I’ll accept the consequences
Because that is right

They will say that I am isolated, and do not understand the world
But this is my world, and it has belonged to me longer than anyone
Now she belongs to me, not as a possession, but as a responsibility
If I can only save her once, at least I did that much
And I know what it means

He lands, but he doesn’t
It’s more like the land landed on him, just upside down
I watch for a moment to make sure it truly happened
My legs are shaking, I’m nervous
I fear that if I keep hovering this close, I too shall fall
And that too shall be my fault
I step back, and I walk away
I catch a glimpse of a woman, across the way
She did not get here in time
She could not stop me
And now it is done
And I can rest

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