Thursday, November 26, 2020

Microstory 1504: Savitri’s Reality

Were I not so young, I could have written this expression before
I barely know my tongue, and had no one to speak with until recently
I was alone when I came, and totally uneducated, so things were confusing
I do not recall my family’s name, or anything about them
I don’t know where I’m from, but I know it was not here
I grew up feeling numb, and surviving on what I could find

There were times when I wanted to end it all, and say goodbye to the loneliness
I climbed and climbed, and planned to fall, but a memory stopped me
No one would have felt my loss, for that is why I would have done it
I had to push away these dark thoughts, and continue on for a better future
I’m still alone, that much is true, and there is nothing to do to change that
But if today is something I can get through, then I’ll just have to do that again tomorrow

There’s food to eat, and it’s all mine, though it does not taste good, it’s all I have
There is nothing in this world that shines, but I can see well enough to move
The water never seems to completely run out, and I can drink whenever I want
But every puddle ends up in drought, and I eventually have to find a new one
So it’s a journey every day, but it’s one that I take gladly, for what else would I be doing?
Fortunately, whoever made this world liked to do it flatly, so I know it could be harder

I entertain myself with song that I invented, from skills I recall from life before
Were anyone here, I would sound demented, for I know nothing beyond these lands
The tune changes, but words stay the same, the ones I made up to describe my world
It’s just my version of a game, to pass the time, and keep from going crazy
There’s someone coming from the falling water, but I know not how, they just appeared
It could be friend, or foe, but now, I’ll prove myself to him, so I won’t be alone anymore

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