Monday, November 30, 2020

Microstory 1506: The Precise Way to Fall to One’s Future

Fastly falling, never landing; I need the rush, or I’ll be stuck here
I am not in complete control, but I am not powerless
I just need to learn the math, to be precise, and careful
Let me explain

I do not belong here, but I do not want to return home
I can skip along the river, but that requires speed
The faster I move, the farther I fall, the freer I am, the further I reach
I can try this on land, but I will not skip much

I can choose either forwards or backwards, but it always starts with down
Every time I make the jump, I fear it will not work
That those who gave me this gift have secretly taken it back
Perhaps they want me dead at a certain time, and are waiting for it

A high-rise is high, a scraper is higher
A plane can get me to the clouds
A plane is what I need right now
A plane, a plan, the mystery of a man

I could not secure what I need on my own, I do not have the currency
My only course is to take from others, and hope they forgive me
I only need four people with me, and they will have to be brave
Four canopies will protect them, should something go wrong

If something goes wrong with my own fall, then it will end as it must
I pray they forgive me
I hope they try not to understand
I never wanted the spectacle; it’s just the only way

I order a drink, and make my demands
I remain calm and clear
I free everyone who need not be here when it happens
Then we take off again, and I jump...straight down to the trees

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