Monday, May 10, 2021

Microstory 1621: Floaters

No version of a populated Earth is a waterworld. Sure, it’s possible that a version of it could be bombarded with enough asteroids and comets to cover the entire surface with water, with no land, but if that were the case, humans would not have ended up on it. Life could theoretically evolve to a certain point under the sea, but technology made by such a species would reach its maximum level pretty early on, as they could never invent electricity, or even discover fire. The land is where the magic happens, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. It just needs to be a starting point. One universe took this idea to the extreme. Apparently for no other reason than they felt compelled, these people moved out to the oceans, choosing to live on artificial floating islands. A small fraction of the population stayed on land, but it is very rare, which doesn’t really make much sense to  me. For the most part, humanity is not a monolith. It shouldn’t be possible for the entire race to want to live the same way, but that’s exactly what somehow happened here. Nearly all of them wanted to become water-bound, and I still can’t explain it. These islands are modular, meaning they can be broken apart, and transported elsewhere, to be rearranged according to whims and new needs. Continents separate into countries, countries into regions, regions into cities, cities into communities, and communities into individual homes. Tired of your neighbors? Just detach your section, and go find new ones—clear across the globe, if you want. Someone invented the technology to make this possible, and easy, and everyone jumped on board pretty much immediately, literally. It ended all wars, and even poverty. Small floaters are cheap and accessible, and with access to the whole world’s resources, there was no need to hoard. They can escape from any storm, move away from any area to let it replenish itself, and avoid overtaxing their planet. This doesn’t seem to have been their idea, but this transformation also led to the Ochivari completely ignoring their world. They’re totally safe from the Darning Wars. It would probably be a nice place to vacation if bulkverse travel were more common.

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