Thursday, May 27, 2021

Microstory 1634: Fighting Back

The Ochivari don’t want a real war. They’re not worried about their own people dying, or having to use up resources to arm them. They just don’t want to destroy the planets that they’re trying to save. Plus, it takes all this time, and it’s this whole thing. They go to great lengths to keep their presence on a new world a secret, which is why it was such a boon for them when they met a group of humans who wanted in on the action. Still, the missions were rough-going at first. As it turned out, these human confederates weren’t as passionate about their crusade as they just liked killing people. They actually wouldn’t have minded going into battle against their targets, because it almost sounded like fun. The Ochivari had to spend a lot of time training them to be more like them, and to take the cause seriously. Even after this, there were hiccups. One of these issues came up on a version of Earth that should have been a no-brainer. The local population was destined to keep ruining the environment, and had little hope of changing their ways. As I’ve said, the Ochivari have no interest in teaching the people they encounter to do better. All they do is look to the future, and hold it against their past. It’s all very black and white to them, and they won’t listen to any concessions or compromises. The confederates, though better than previous missions, were reckless here. They made a lot of mistakes, and while the mission itself technically was completed, their exit was far more problematic. The locals discovered the virus that was going to result in their demise, and as you would expect, they were not happy about it. With nothing left to lose, they decided to fight back, and unlike other times when a planet realizes what happened, they stood a chance.

Most worlds can’t fight back, though many would like to try. Once the virus is released, the Ochivari and their confederates bug out, and their victims have no way to follow. This time, though, the infiltrators didn’t escape fast enough, and they were caught. The locals interrogated their prisoners of war, and managed to get quite a bit of information out of them. All the Ochivari were gone by then, but that didn’t mean it was over. The confederates knew how to contact their masters, in order to be retrieved and returned to safety. The locals used this trick to lure a Worlon ship back to them, so the fighting could begin. As true warfare was not ever part of their plans, the Ochivari were surprised, and completely unprepared. Their ship was destroyed, but the people themselves were kept alive, so they could serve a purpose. The locals forced them to do what they evolved to do, which was to travel to other worlds. They sent their own ship through the portal instead, and started firing upon the Ochivari homebase in Efilverse. Of course, they were severely outmatched, and barely made a dent in their population, but the spark was lit, and that little bit of hope was enough to change things. Their harrowing attempt to fight back was recorded, and before the ship exploded, two survivors managed to leave with the data. From there, it was distributed to as many universes as possible, in time periods before the Ochivari was fated to attack them. A resistance formed from this unwinnable battle that was vital to the future of all evolved life. The Transit was great. It was a cool space train that could also travel to other branes, but it wasn’t at all useful without people to run it, and believe in it. These fallen heroes inspired the army that actually could fight back, and make a huge difference.

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