Monday, May 17, 2021

Microstory 1626: Sterile Conditions

Perhaps I should have brought this up earlier, but when an Ochivari invasion force arrives in a new universe, they don’t just fire up their weapons, and start killing people. First of all, that would be counterproductive to their goals. They believe that they’re saving the planet, and its innocent animal and plant life, from the evolved species who are doing damage to it. They believe they’re ultimately preserving life, and ridding the bulkverse of the harmful life. They see humans as much of a virus as humans see actual viruses. They do recognize our intelligence, and in fact, hold that against us. If we’re so smart, we should be able to figure out how to live in harmony with our ecosystem. Some planets do figure that out, in various ways, usually by a combination of asteroid mining, and space migration. If they do, and they do it quickly enough for their homeworld to recover, the Ochivari leave them alone. If they don’t—if they can’t break out of their own cycle of destruction—the Ochivari will step in, and take care of the problem. They’ll do this in one specific way, by delivering their own virus, which has been programmed to render every member of a given species sterile. It doesn’t kill them, or hurt them in any way, as long as it goes right. Like I’ve been saying, they are antinatalists, not efilists, and not murderers. An all out war would cause more harm to the planet they’re trying to rescue, and would unnecessarily drain them of resources. That’s not to say that violence never occurs. Sometimes, the world they attack is advanced enough to fight back, and the Ochivari have to do everything they can to pull the battles away from the new sanctuary, or the whole endeavor would be pointless. They could go back in time instead, and end it before that civilization can advance, but there’s always a crossroads, and it leads to a self-imposed rule of theirs. It’s a point of no return, that after passing it, that civilization can no longer undo or repair what they’ve done. Then—and only then—are the Ochivari allowed to intervene. If they were to go back and attack the humans at their most vulnerable, they would consider themselves to be hypocrites, and unworthy of the responsibility.

Lochanverse is so named because of its one survivor. Lochan Madigan found himself immune to the sterility virus when no one else was. What they didn’t know at the time was that he was the only known survivor in the entire bulkverse. His virility was unmatched by any other; off the charts, you could say. When they discovered him, scientists of that world were hopeful. Maybe there was a way out of this. By studying him, maybe they could figure out how to combat the virus. If that had been true, it would have changed everything. It would have helped a lot more people than they knew. Of course, they couldn’t figure it out. He wasn’t completely immune. It was more like the virus wasn’t strong enough to prevent him from potentially having children. Of course, this superpower was useless if he was the only one. Had they found a woman with her own resistance to the virus, they could have had children, and those children might have been the key to solving their problems, but that woman did not exist. I saw him in his universe, and could sense his loneliness. Other people were still around, as the species wasn’t going to die out for another several decades, but he was still unique, and from where he sat, not in a good way. People were envious of him, because even though he too would die one day, he was well-protected, and lived a life of luxury. As you can imagine, the whole world becoming sterile was not without its consequences. Society fell into chaos, and continued to cause harm to their planet. This is the folly of the Ochivari. No matter what they do, they’re killing life, and going against their own ideals. They believe they are doing the bulkverse a great service, but they’re really just making things worse. I rescued Lochan from this world, and took him to one that was pretty much off limits to the Ochivari, regardless of how they advanced. Here he began an immortal happy life, with his new family.

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