Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Microstory 1617: Efilism

The Ochivari were not born as antinatalists. In fact, they were quite the opposite in the beginning. They multiplied like crazy, obsessed with developing galactic dominance through sheer numbers. Even without the technology of many human civilizations, they figured they could ultimately win any conflict simply by the fact that it was more difficult to kill them all. They would win any battle, because so many of their kind would be left over. This sentiment was not limited to the population growth itself. Overexploitation of resources became almost a point of pride amongst their species. They destroyed their planet as they raced to increase their numbers, and as they fought to spread out to other planets, so they could take those resources as well. Of course, this was a completely unsustainable model, and caught up to them quite quickly. They would have died out if they had not discovered that they were biologically capable of crossing over into other universes, where resources would ultimately prove infinite. As it would happen, the second universe they went to experienced a similar fate, though not quite as on purpose. The humans there were not living on Earth, but had evolved elsewhere in the galaxy. They wrecked their own world, and due to a number of unfortunate circumstances—including a relatively low oxygen ratio in the atmosphere, and relatively high surface gravity—they were never able to venture out into the solar system, let alone beyond. In the end, in order to preserve their planet’s future, they were the ones who came up with antinatalism for themselves. They killed almost the entire population, save for an elite few who were selected to survive in stasis. With humanity out of the way, their planet could once again take over, and eventually repair the damage. They would not awaken for millions of years. Now, while this brane is referred to as Efilverse, its inhabitants weren’t truly efilists. Efilism is a philosophical stance that places a negative value on both birth, and life. The efilversals make no such moral judgment. They just saw how much their civilization destroyed of their world, and decided that it was their responsibility to fix it, which they chose to do through genocide. Real efilists are not murderers.

The efilversals didn’t want their species to die out completely, but thought they could do things better once they returned from stasis, and restarted civilization, equipped with insight, and advanced technology. Unfortunately for them, they continued to make bad decisions, right up to the end. They made no attempt to choose the most practical survivors for the stasis program. Many of them were too old to bear children. Others were prone to genetic diseases. Some suffered from fertility problems, while others never thought of themselves as parents. They agreed to join the program, because they wanted to live, not because they would be particularly beneficial to the movement. Some stasis pods even malfunctioned, and killed their occupants long before they could be revived. The rich and the lucky survived, while all the poor people perished in the nuclear holocaust, which was already ironic, given why it was they were doing any of this in the first place. They were doomed from the start, even if everyone came out of stasis alive, was biologically suited for the task, and wanted to do it, because they did not have the numbers. Only a few committed themselves to realizing their dreams, but it just wasn’t enough. They died out within two generations, and that was that for the efilversals. Yet they did not go extinct without leaving a legacy. During their final years, the Ochivari showed up, only looking to expand their empire. The efilversals taught them what they had done—how they had fixed their world, which was the only successful part of their plan. The Ochivari weren’t willing to become efilists themselves, but it did spark the idea to be antinatalistic instead. They went back to their homeworld of Worlon, and fought in a great war, which saw the antinatalist faction to victory. This was when they began their crusade. They returned to efilverse, and started using that planet as their new homebase, and from there, they began to travel to other branes, where they would sterilize any civilization destined to make the same mistakes as them.

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