Monday, September 27, 2021

Microstory 1721: Sea Monster

The sea monster kills everything it touches
Nothing can escape its darkness
We rescue many who get too close
But some are too far gone
They perish before we reach them
It is my job to do everything I can to help as many as I can
But I want to do more
I want to stop the monster from taking more innocent lives
It has been this way for years
Though many would doubt this truth
Some are greedy, but most are simply ignorant
Those who worship the sea monster believe in its purpose
They did before, and they still do, even now
They think they have it contained
They think they had it tamed
They refuse to see how destructive the monster is
Even when it’s doing as they command
Fish are drawn to its pretty colors
Birds try to rest upon its back
It snatches them up, and spits them back out
They are never the same
The darkness is on them forever, unless someone like me comes along
Only we are compelled to help them
Only we are willing to take the time
Now the monster is on a rampage
Now it is spreading its darkness indiscriminately
Now those who would harness its power admit that something is wrong
But they are powerless to stop it, or so they say
We continue to save the creatures
But we are indeed powerless to stop it
Only they can stop the monster
Only they can put it back in its cage
I want to do more
I want to kill it, so it can do no more harm to my world
But it cannot be killed
Destroying it would do just as much damage as it is doing now
Destroying it would simply spread more darkness
The fight against the sea monster must take place on land
It takes place in the courts, and on the pages of the news
It takes place in the hearts of all who would oppose the monster
These companies believe that the monster will provide
But it is we who provide
And it is we who can starve them

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