Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Microstory 2143: It’s Still Early

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I still can’t say much, but I’ve been speaking with the company who originally sent an email about becoming a sponsor for one of my videos. They apologized for misunderstanding what kind of content I produce, but we decided that the confusion isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If people are hearing about me without hearing the details, then my name is building intrigue, and that will ultimately only help me gain followers and subscribers. I was clear with them that video was pretty much not on the table, for all of the reasons that I mentioned before, and some others. The person who I’ve been talking to is one of those who happen to see that the world is—and I’m sorry to say this again—kind of dull, so she thinks that my creativity could stand out, but she appreciates my boundaries. I can always change my mind later. She told me as much, and it’s obviously true. In the meantime, she doesn’t think that this means we shouldn’t have a business relationship. She has to reach out to the legal department first, but she’s going to try to connect me with their publicity firm, who might be able to help me grow this side hustle. It’s pretty exciting stuff, but it’s still early, and it will all have to be kept under wraps for a while. You’ll know if something changes in that regard.

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