Thursday, December 10, 2015

Microstory 209: Steeling Glances

For centuries, the traditionally misguided have been sent on the quest to find the Steel Plate of Algamoritha. The plate is not hidden, but it is difficult to reach. They say that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. The treacherous, though not deadly, obstacles that stand between the entrance and the vault are designed to prove to yourself that you are ready to become a better person. These obstacles include cutting through a dense thicket, swimming across a river with an extremely powerful current, and navigating a pitch black labyrinth where torches do not stay lit. A requirement for this journey is that you come alone. The vault will not open if more than one person are present. The Steel Plate is not a treasure. It cannot be stolen, and if you did somehow manage to remove it, it would be worthless outside of the vault. The plate was created to show its viewer three things. The first vision that it will show you is your deepest depression; your lowest point; that time in your life you thought you would never get through, but did. The second vision is of your greatest accomplishment; the success you had that made you feel the best about yourself; the one that nobody can take away from you. The third and final vision is a glance into the future. You will see a hint at what life could be for you as long as you work hard and become a productive member of society. The purpose of the Steel Plate is to give you encouragement and perspective for your life. It is its intention that you leave the vault knowing that, even though you have faced hard times, there is still hope for you to find your bliss. But it is not the plate itself that will ultimately cause you to become determined to make better decisions. It is the persistence through the obstacles that make the most impact on your future. It is estimated that roughly nine out of ten people who make it all the way through to the vault end up seeing the obstacles they just completed as the vision of their greatest accomplishment in the Steel Plate of Algamoritha.

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