Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Microstory 212: Run for Your Lice!

It was a very lousy day. I made a whole bunch of new friends, and when I went into school the next morning, I gave some of my friends to my classmates. When our teacher found out, she made us stay in the room, even though Tommy had to go to the bathroom real bad. Some adults in white coats came in and we all had to go to the gymnasium. We stood in line for a long time, but they weren’t telling us why. Finally, when I got closer, I learned that the white coats just wanted to kill all my friends. I couldn’t let that happen, and so I bolted from the building, running into several of the other children. People started chasing after me, but I was the fastest in my grade. There was no way I was going to get caught. I weaved through the cars in the parking lot and sprinted across the soccer field. I found myself in a real pickle when I reached the corner. The light was red, but the white coats were catching up to me, and so I did something drastic. I ran across the street that was already blinking red and counting down. You’re not supposed to cross unless the light was white when you started. I thought I was home free, and that they were going to have to wait for the light to turn back, but they didn’t. A police officer held his hand out and stopped the cars from going so that she and white coats could safely get across. Rats! I had to think fast. Mommy told me never to go into the woods, but I had no choice. I slipped through the trees and continued to run. Amazingly enough, the white coats continued to chase after me. What was with these people and their obsession with murdering the only friends I’ve had since we moved? The forest is thick, but not deep. I could hear music, cheering, and other loud noises coming from up ahead. It was a parade. I raced through the crowd, my long and beautiful hair brushing up against the strangers, giving them new friends just like mine. I managed to escape, and I’ve been running ever since. So yeah, I’m sorry. I am the one responsible for the infestation that ended civilization fifteen years ago. Sue me.

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