Friday, December 18, 2015

Microstory 215: Okay, Phone

Jan Albani was being sexually assaulted. The stranger in the zorro mask cliché held her down by her wrists. Miniscule holes in the kitchen tile grout took hold of her hair as she threshed around, trying to get free. He jammed his knuckles into her side, causing her to twist away on reflex. Her knee flew up and knocked his leg off balance, dropping him down on top of her. Jan called upon all of her might and pushed him to the side, slamming her palm into his nose before rushing into the other room. She reached for her phone on the nightstand, leaving a smear of his blood behind, but the broken nose wasn’t stopping him. He tackled her as she was trying to input her passcode. When she was fell to the carpet, her phone bounced under the bed. “Okay phone,” she tried to call out, “call nine-one-one!” The voice activated assistant dinged onto the screen and informed her that it was contacting emergency services. The man laughed and hung up her phone before sending it smashing against the wall. Jan continued to struggle against him, searching desperately for another opening to incapacitate the stranger and get away. “No!” she screamed repeatedly, pleading for him to spare her. But he just continued to laugh. They began to hear a noise from his chest. It sounded like a voice, but it was very faint. He continued to hold her down, but sat up to take a look at his phone. The screen shown into his beautiful green eyes. Jan couldn’t help but notice that they looked very kind, and that she might find him attractive under normal circumstances. Come to think of it, they were actually quite familiar, as was his jawline. She could not remember his name, but she had several times rejected his advances at work when she was handing out the mail on his floor.

“Mona? Hello?” he asked into the phone. When Jan had tried to call the police from her phone, it had also activated his artificial assistant, and called one of his contacts automatically. “Honey?” That was his mistake. He should have dropped the call immediately.

Jan cried out, “help! He’s hurting me!” Her attacker had run all the way out of the house in fear before she had the chance to sit up and catch her breath.

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