Friday, February 5, 2016

Microstory 250: Perspective Twenty-Five

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Perspective Twenty-Four

I hate the term “luddite”. I’m not a huge protester, or anything, I just don’t personally like technology. I wear an analog watch, I don’t own a television, and I still use a feature phone that I don’t always carry with me. I read somewhere about this movement called neo-luddism that is attempting to overthrow present-day technologies and return society to a more primitive state. I’m not part of that, but if you read up on some of their literature, I think it may give you a shiver. For instance, the invention of the personal computer has ultimately resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country. I bet you didn’t know that. Such technology is also associated with overdevelopment of cities, resulting in ecological devastation around the entire planet. It can’t be a coincidence that rainforests are being destroyed 30% faster today than they were in the 1990s. I read that somewhere. As technology progresses, so does the desolation. But like I said, I do not belong to that movement. I just don’t see the point of owning all these fancy new gadgets. My great grandparents did just fine without electricity. Well, I mean, they had electricity. But not much. People think that technology makes our lives better, but does it really? Humans were having babies for thousands of years before hospitals were even invented. And now we have 3D imaging of creepy sonar babies, and we can manipulate our babies’ DNA, and I heard this one story about a woman whose baby was delivered entirely by a robot. Tell me, exactly what is wrong with just giving birth in your bedroom with a midwife? And it’s not just health and environmental concerns. Tech is also responsible for nuclear war, GMOs, and I even read somewhere that says smartphones cause autism. Just look at the statistics; approximately zero people were diagnosed with autism a hundred years ago. If I recall correctly, this lines up nicely with the so-called Industrial Revolution. And now they’re all over the place. How many autistics are we gonna have a hundred years from now? Huh? And it’s not just that. My uncle is lucky to be a mailman, what with all this electronic mail going around. Soon he’ll be out of a job, thanks to robots. That’s right, I’m not crazy. Companies are already looking into having drones deliver packages. Drones, my God. Flying heralds of death is what I call them. Ya know, most drones have guns on them, I swear. I read that somewhere.

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