Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Microstory 253: Perspective Twenty-Eight

Perspective Twenty-Seven

I’ve had more jobs than I can count over the years. I had to consult an expert to figure out how I could trim down my résumé, because it was just too many pages. I was worried about it, because potential employers don’t want you to have such a long a résumé, but if I just cut things out, would they not wonder what I was doing during all these gaps? It’s all worked out, though, because now I’ve found what’s turned out to be the best job ever. Sure, driving a school bus doesn’t sound glamorous, but it’s incredibly rewarding. They say that, if you want to meet new people, you should be in sales. But if you want to observe people, public transportation is the thing to do. The kids are extremely loud and rambunctious, but they’re also more respectful than you’ve probably been led to believe. They have a lot of fun, and they break the rules sometimes, but they don’t fight, and they’re not destructive. Kids are a lot more understanding and caring than you probably knew as well. There is one little girl in second grade who has trouble fitting in. She wears very thick glasses because she’s practically blind, literally never speaks, and spends almost all of her time drawing. Though she doesn’t have any friends, her peers are exceptionally protective of her. Students who don’t already know her have tried to tease her in the past, and other kids rally to put an end to that nonsense. She’s very loving and pleasant to be around. Somehow, her classmates figured out that, although she does not generally interact with others, she is not bothered by human touch. She allows them to hug her if they’re feeling down. They affectionately refer to her as their class pet. She’s given me some of her artwork, and a not insignificant amount of it involves cats. And I suppose that makes sense, because cats are similar in certain ways. Unlike dogs, cats do not like being pet, or touched in any way, really. They tolerate it because they know how important it is to their feeders. There’s a special kind of nobility in that. I learned this all from my son. He hates school, but likes to research random things.

Perspective Twenty-Nine

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