Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Microstory 302: Ground

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Like the atmosphere, you obviously know that the ground is an important thing to have if you’re going to live a fulfilling life. But unlike the atmosphere, it’s easy to take for granted, because it’s extremely abundant in the universe. Or so it would seem. The truth is that the cosmos is composed of three things: dark energy at about 68%, dark matter at about 27%, and regular matter (i.e. the stuff you can see and feel) at less than 5%. Despite your world being seemingly nothing but atoms, it’s one of the rarest things around. Most importantly to you, however, is what the ground can do. Rocks and minerals can be manipulated and transformed into various shapes. They can be used for obvious things like tools, machines, and dwellings. But they’re also found in soap, energy production, and even foods. Soil as a whole is even more vital survival, as it’s what holds and feeds the planet’s plant life. These plants are able spread and propagate from the nutrients generated in minerals in the earth. Plants are eaten by other forms of life, which are often eaten by other living things, and so goes the circle of life. For when something dies, its body will decompose in the ground, irreversibly altering the composition of the soil, and creating further nutrients to keep the cycle moving. It’s very easy to appreciate plants and other living creatures for our sustenance, but they would not be able to survive without a ground to stand on, to feed off of, to hold water. All soil is new, and constantly changing as we interact with it. The next time you find yourself in nature, shove your hand in the dirt and let it filter through your fingers. It’s not dirty or gross. It’s a beautiful thing.


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