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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Microstory 294: Perspective Sixty-Nine

Perspective Sixty-Eight

Okay, first of all, I don’t call it stalking. I’m passionate. When I first saw this girl, it’s not like I immediately fell in love and knew she was “the one”. I was just sitting in the dorm cafeteria one night, eating my dinner alone, like I do. I had no ill intentions, I assure you, but she caught my eye, and she was just absolutely stunning. She stood out from the crowd, and I couldn’t understand why other people weren’t staring at her. She was only in my field of vision for a few seconds before disappearing around the corner, but that was all the information I needed. I noticed that she was walking right behind someone I recognized from one of the school libraries. I didn’t even know if they were friends, or just happened to be walking in the same direction, but I still had my starting point. I didn’t know her friend’s name, but I knew she worked with another girl from one of my classes. I didn’t know her name either, but I could find out from the list of my classmates through the school web portal. It took me a while to hunt down the right person, but I found her. Then I cross-referenced her social media friend list by using the library as work parameters, and found the possible friend of my target. Then I browsed through her friend list to find the girl I was looking for. She was even more beautiful now that I could stop and look at static pictures. I had a pretty extensive debate in my own head about what I should do next. I didn’t actually think I would find her, but I did, so I could either leave it alone or do something about it. But I had to do something. It was a sign. Somebody upstairs wanted us to be together, otherwise my search would have hit a brick wall, right? I friended her, and she asked me why, so I told her...part of the truth, at least. She let me stay connected with her, but never talked to me, so I knew she was just feeling me out to see if it was real. And it’s real. I’ve been working the problem since we graduated, and I grow closer and closer to a date every day. Now she’s claiming I’m stalking her, which is ridiculous. It’s not like I’m secretly watching her behind the bushes. I know she’s not in love with me, I’m not crazy. I also know she could be, if she just gave me a chance. That’s all I need; one chance. I’m actually a good person. At the very least, I’m better than the guy she keeps breaking up with. I can’t be a stalker anyway, because I’m being stalked.

Perspective Seventy

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