Thursday, April 21, 2016

Microstory 304: Potable Water

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There isn’t really anything to water, except for the water itself. If you ever drink plain water that has something else in it, it’s probably not supposed to be there. In certain parts of the developed world, the water you drink is treated with chemicals to kill off microorganisms that could harm your body. Many places also add fluorine compounds to clean your teeth. But other than that, it’s just water. So what’s the point of it? Why do we need it? Well, all living organisms evolve to utilize water in some way that promotes the survival of individuals, and the species as a whole. First and foremost, water is a distributor. It passes nutrients between cells so they can thrive, divide, and replicate. A great deal of blood is composed of water, which moves oxygen-carrying iron throughout the body. This oxygen generates energy, which allows the body to keep going. Water is a lubricant that keeps joints, the brain, and other organs from desiccating and dying. Water is used for temperature regulation, allowing heat to be released from the body via evaporation on the skin. Just like a computer, if you overheat, you’ll die, because your body functions won’t be able to keep up with themselves. Lastly, water creates fluids that allow waste products to leave the system. Organs like the kidneys and liver, process waste and toxins, but that’s useless if there’s no way for them to get rid of unwanted substances. Much of the developing world lacks potable water. If it exists, some have to walk for miles before finding it, and even then drinkable is a relative term. If you have access to clean and healthy water, and have the means, please research ways you can help a fellow living organism find water. It’s literally the most important thing ever.

Food for Survival

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