Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Microstory 303: Rain

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Rain is one of the greatest things this planet has to offer. I’m not going to sit here and tell you why rain is scientifically and biologically important, because you all know. This is how we get our fresh water, which is vital to life on Earth. Without the water cycle, we would all be sea creatures, and do you really want that? People have different perspectives for rain, depending on their circumstances. Those who live in colder climates aren’t going to like it as much, because rain makes it even colder than it was. People who live in hot, arid locations, however, are going to be thrilled when it rains. My sister used to work as an elementary music teacher in Egypt. She said that it would rain very rarely, but when it did, it was kind of a double-edged sword. The children absolutely loved it, due to its rarity, but the city was never prepared for it, because they did not design the streets with rain in mind. After all, why would you? When I was in middle school, we all went off to our local amusement park. I managed to ride only one attraction before a deluge began to fall. The other kids were bummed until they realized how much fun they could have splashing around. I considered it a godsend from the get-go, because I’m afraid of roller coasters, and didn’t want to be there anyway. Some of my best days have been during torrential rainstorms, including that one. Rain is a cleansing experience. People tend to try to get through storms as fast as possible, but if you ever get the opportunity, take the time to stand and admire a good downpour from right inside it. If you regret it, you don’t deserve a life of happiness anyway.

Potable Water

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