Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Microstory 322: Nutrition

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Geographic Stability Part II

I’ve already discussed nutrition with you in this series, but I wanted to swing back around to it once more, because it’s so important. I’m going to be talking about general life balance in the next story, but I wanted to focus on the nutritional aspect of that for its own separate microstory. I’ve done a not insignificant amount of research into diet fads, looking to find the right one. None has helped me all that much, mostly because I have trouble with commitment and discipline. But they wouldn’t have helped either way, because most are not designed with balance in mind. Out of all types of people who cut out certain foods for moral reasons, the only ones I respect are fruitarians. They make a conscious decision to not kill living organisms. Not even vegans can boast such integrity. Unfortunately, fruitarians are missing out on vital nutritional substances, and just about the only way for them to integrate these things into their diet is with supplements. As excited as I am about future health and technological advances, pills will never be a viable substitute for actual food. If you’re participating in a particular diet, unless maybe (maybe) it’s based only on proportioning, you’re losing out. The real key is moderation. When I was a kid, my school taught us something called The Food Pyramid, which has apparently since been removed from the curriculum. I imagine they did this either because the proportions were unrealistic, or because children found it hard make the connection between it and actual meals. It probably wasn’t because it was a triangle, and not a pyramid. Sorry, always bugged me. Either way, it felt irrelevant to me. Other people were telling me what to eat, and I rarely had much of a choice anyway. I was also doing a lot of incidental exercise, but that was not going to last, which leads us to the next story...

Life Balance

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