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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Microstory 1058: Edgar

They call me Edgar, but I know that wasn’t always my name. I don’t remember anything about my former life, when I was using a different body, but Viola was kind enough to fabricate an entire history for me. From what I’ve been told, the original Edgar was a terrible person, who liked to hurt people. He hurt me once, but just as I was on the brink of death, Viola pulled me back, and switched my mind with his. He died, I survived. But everything about my life was gone. I know what you’re thinking, Alma. If I lost all my memories, am I really that other person at all? Yes, because even though I can’t recall events, I still remember how I’ve always felt about things. I know that I like turkey, but I get tired of chicken. I know how to ride a bike, and where the bus station is. I can even remember what happened on my favorite TV shows, and what breed of dog Old Farmer Jones used to have to protect his sheep, before it died. No, not a sheep dog. And I know that I used to have a crush on Sallie. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember anything about the original me. My entire former life was wiped clean off the face of the Earth. Even my parents, whomever it is they were, don’t think they had a kid. But that’s okay, because I have a new life, and I don’t remember anything but. I have Edgar’s body, my predecessor’s feelings and dispositions, and a brand new person’s memories. So which one of them am I? Far be it for me to get into the philosophy of identity, but I suppose I’m an amalgamation of all three...and none of them. I wish I could give you more, but I only have a year’s worth of real memories to work from. I’ve kind of just been winging it this whole time, hoping no one asked me anything I should know, but don’t. School’s been the easiest for me, though. Apparently, my predecessor was something of an intelligent individual, so I’m benefitting from all that hard work.

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