Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Microstory 1388: Bullies

School Counselor: Middle Schooler 1, do you have any idea why you two were brought in to see me today?
Middle Schooler 1: Because he’s bullying me.
School Counselor: No, because you’re bullying him.
Middle Schooler 1: He started it!
Middle Schooler 2: No, I didn’t!
School Counselor: What did Middle Schooler 2 do to you, Middle Schooler 1?
Middle Schooler 1: He stabbed me with a candy cane.
School Counselor: He what?
Middle Schooler 2: Oh, it wasn’t that big of a deal.
Middle Schooler 1: He sucked on it until one end was sharp, and then he stabbed me in the arm.
School Counselor: Is this true, Middle Schooler 2?
Middle Schooler 2: Wull...I guess.
School Counselor: Middle Schooler 1, why didn’t you report him to the principal?
Middle Schooler 1: Because I’m not a whiny little baby like him!
School Counselor: Now, you know we don’t call people names at this institution.
Middle Schooler 1: Whatever.
School Counselor: Did he break the skin? Do you need to go to the nurse?
Middle Schooler 1: No, I’m fine. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay.
School Counselor: Of course it’s not. Middle Schooler 2? You know what you have to do.
Middle Schooler 2: I’m sorry, Middle Schooler 1. Ugh.
School Counselor: That didn’t sound like a very sincere apology.
Middle Schooler 2: Well, he hasn’t apologized to me either!
School Counselor: That’s true. Why don’t you two apologize to each other at the exact same time. Okay? One...two...three.
Middle Schooler 1 and Middle Schooler 2: I’m sorry.
School Counselor: That was very good. Now. Let’s talk about why you two are so upset with each other.
Middle Schooler 2: He cheated off me on our homework. I know I shouldn’t have stabbed him, but it was annoying.
Middle Schooler 1: I wasn’t cheating. We were doing homework together.
Middle Schooler 2: Yes, but you weren’t supposed to just copy what I wrote. You were supposed to come up with the answers yourself.
Middle Schooler 1: No, we were working together.
Middle Schooler 2: You said you wanted to work together, but then you just had me do it myself, and copy it later. I didn’t even realize I did all the work until it was all finished. You tricked me.
Middle Schooler 1: I didn’t trick you. You’re smarter, so you finished it faster.
Middle Schooler 2: Don’t try to say nice things to me to get out of being in trouble. He’s still in trouble, right?
School Counselor: Neither of you is in trouble. You’re here to work this out, and I think you two are doing a pretty good job on your own, so I’m going to sit here with a game of sudoku, and let you keep going. I don’t want you to stop talking until you’re friends again, okay?
Middle Schooler 1 and Middle Schooler 2: Okay.

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