Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Microstory 1377: No Remorse (Part 1)

Crime Reporter: Hm. An ex-cop who was the subject of a scandal involving an innocent black—
Ex-Cop: Allegedly innocent.
Crime Reporter: Sir, footage proves that the victim was not part of the protests, and was on his way home from work.
Ex-Cop: Well, I think it’s up for interpretation.
Crime Reporter: His boyfriend was filming the protests from the passenger seat, and the victim was talking about how the protests aren’t doing the community any good, and they’re better off waiting until the next vote. He was clearly doing nothing wrong.
Ex-Cop: I stand by my actions.
Crime Reporter: You do? You were charged with homicide.
Ex-Cop: Allegedly.
Crime Reporter: No, sir. It is a fact that you were charged in the homicide of Innocent Victim, police brutality, and related charges.
Ex-Cop: Those are bogus charges, and you know it. We all know it. This is just another ploy by the black man, trying to get sympathy for a so-called hard life.
Crime Reporter: Um. I’m not sure how to respond to that.
Ex-Cop: It’s the truth, so I imagine all you have to do is open your eyes and ears.
Crime Reporter: This isn’t an identity studies debate, so let’s get back to the interview.
Ex-Cop: Fine by me.
Crime Reporter: Your report on the incident claims that you felt threatened by the victim, and that you had no choice but to beat him to death.
Ex-Cop: I did not say I beat him to death.
Crime Reporter: No, sorry, I was mixing it up with this social media post you released later that day. I quote, “what the black man will newer [sic] understand is that cops arent profiling the color of his skin. We’re looking at a history of crime perpetrated by those with similar skin color. There is a huge difference there. I beat him because i had to. He died because he broke the law.”
Ex-Cop: I deleted that post. How did you get your hands on it?
Crime Reporter: Magic.
Ex-Cop: Earlier, I said I stand by my actions. I also stand by my words. It’s not racial profiling. Black people are incarcerated at a much higher rate than white people. They commit more crimes, so I was just doing my job.
Crime Reporter: First of all, you literally defined racial profiling in the same paragraph where you refute that that’s what it was. Secondly, incarceration rates are based on the actions of law enforcement, and not criminals. Those rates include those who are later found innocent, and technically those who are never found innocent, but are anyway.
Ex-Cop: Well, I don’t believe any of that.
Crime Reporter: You don’t believe innocent people go to jail?
Ex-Cop: They might go to jail, but they don’t go to prison. The system is flawless.
Crime Reporter: I can’t imagine that’s your real position.
Ex-Cop: It is. Look, everyone wants me to apologize for what I did, but I don’t apologize. I would, if I ever did anything wrong, but that ain’t me. I didn’t make a mistake, or take it too far, or abuse my power. I did everything by the book, and I’m proud of the work I did with the Hillside Police. I’m going to be fighting these charges, and I’m going to get my job back. Or I’ll get a better one somewhere else.
Crime Reporter: Okay. Well, let’s talk about the evening in question. 
Ex-Cop: Ask away, sweet thing.
Crime Reporter: Don’t call me that.

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