Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Microstory 1507: If I Know Everything...

If I know everything...why do I not fix all of the problems?
If I see everything...why do I not show the world the truth?
If I hear everything...how can I ignore the cries of pain from those suffering?
If I feel everything...how can I not sympathize with all around me?

How can I stand here and do nothing?
How can I become a lawyer?
How does that serve the greater good?
How can I help in more than small ways if I do not face the system?

These are not the questions you should be asking
If you could see what I see, you would not be asking them
I became a lawyer, because I wanted to be a lawyer
I do not know everything, because I shut my eyes, I turn away
I must turn away, I must
For if I saw all the hate and strife, I would still not be able to do anything about it
I would still not be able to see the greater good
I would only feel death, for it overwhelms all else

If I know everything...how do I keep from going insane?
If I see everything...how do I not go blind?
If I hear everything...how can anything make sense?
If I feel everything...how does it not break me down to bits?

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