Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Microstory 1553: Our Ages

There are so many things I would rather be doing than this. But my parents wanted me to come support my little brother, and I can't ever say no...

...I’m 17 years old, I’m going to be 18 at the end of this month. But I don’t think I can legally drink. Last year, at a younger age, my parents would’ve been okay with me doing it with my friends. But because I’m 17, I can’t even do that. I have my reasons...well...I’m 17, and I have sex. (Not much, but still) And I also have a baby-daddy. (I won’t put his name out here, but he’s on here. I just know that his name comes up, and my mother always reads this. Lol.) Anyway, he wants me to have sex, but he also doesn’t want it to be messy, so he wants to wait until we’re married. He’s 30. We are only 19. So my parents said that if he married me before we are able to have sex, I’ll go to a boarding school. I think this is wrong. I want to be in school. I want to be close to my friends. I don’t want to be forced to stay at home. I don’t want to be a kid and play with Barbies all day, and do my homework at night. I want to be a normal teenager, for once. I’m tired of being reminded that I’m not a normal teenager...because I am. And I want to be treated like one. But since I’m 17, I can’t. My parents said that if I have sex, I’m gonna get pregnant, and then I’m...

Conclusion real trouble, because who knows what age I’ll end up after I have the baby? I keep switching between 17 and 19, and I never know how old I’ll be when I wake up. This is the life of our species, and we’re all quite used to it. Seventeen and 19 might not make much of a difference to you, but it is always very clear for us. When we look at each other, we can tell exactly how old the other is on that day. Babies are incredibly dangerous for us to have. There’s about a 24% chance that the process ages you up so that you’re near your deathbed. The chances double when you have twins. Guys don’t have to worry about this. My brother keeps aging too, and now he’s much older than me, but men live longer, and after several years of the process, eventually stop, so they can age normally, and die after a reasonable amount of time. This was done to use centuries ago, in order to control the rise in our population. The well-intentioned extremist aliens who did it to us, however, have either died out themselves, or left. This is why our respective ages are so erratic and unpredictable. My boyfriend is eight, which is so much younger than he should be, and waking up that young is very rare for us. Now he can’t be a father. We have an age of majority, just like your species does, and when that barrier is crossed, the dynamics of their relationships can shift dramatically. Your mother can fundamentally become your sister if she wakes up young enough, because it would be inappropriate for her to keep raising you. I have the baby, and things are good for about a week. I’m 40 while I’m doing it, and mature enough to handle it on my own, because my boyfriend is only ten. My brother helps, which he should, because I’ve always supported him. Things go bad, however, when I wake up the next day. I’m now a baby, and my child is 40, and she raises me, and this is how we stay for two centuries.

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