Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Microstory 1563: Soup Du Jour

Soup is the worst food that man created. You make the vegetables mushy and wet, and add far too much sodium. I would much rather eat...

...chicken noodle soup. Soup. The other night I was in a soup craving mood. I have never enjoyed soup in my entire life. I am not very fond of puréed vegetables. Nor do I like garlic or onion or bread and butter. dear who is far from it...purchased a chicken noodle soup mix for me one day. I figured that since he bought me the soup mix, I should make it myself. So I went and bought the garlic bread from the grocery store and purchased a can of chicken broth...cause soup needs the broth. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, and I am in the soup bliss. I am hoping this soup is more savory than bland. I find that is rarely the case. I read the whole recipe, scrolled down to the soup recipe. Hmm...the whole thing for a cup of soup. I am not a huge fan of whole wheat bread for soup. Unless it is a very smooth chunky bread, the bread does not cling to the soup like it should. I went ahead and sliced up my garlic bread. I sliced a small piece of onion. I let...

...the tears fill up in my eyes. I continued gathering ingredients, and adding them together. I couldn’t see what I was getting, or how much of it, but I didn’t stop. If this soup was going to have onion, then it was going to be authentic, with no spoon in my mouth, or anything. It would turn out as it turned out, I decided. I cooked the whole thing up, and took my first bite. Or should I say, I took a sip, because that’s what I hate about soup; that you drink it, instead of eating it. But it didn’t matter in this case. This soup was the best I ever had, and I know that’s not saying much, but it really was amazing. It’s so good, I want to eat it every night. But I can’t, because the recipe is gone forever. I couldn’t see well through the tears, and no matter how much I try to recreate the magic, I’ll never get it right. It’s over. My love for soup was brief, and now it’s over.

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