Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Microstory 1908: Proctor, Proctor, Help Me, Help Me

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My Parole Officer: Hello, hi. I’m glad I found you. I seem to be lost. Could you point me in the direction of Kansas City?
Street Proctor: Never heard of it.
Parole Officer: Oh. What is the city we’re in called?
Proctor: Kansas City, Missouri.
Parole Officer: That’s what I said.
Proctor: No. You just said Kansas City. There is no such thing. It would be like calling this country America when it’s the United States of America.
Parole Officer: Okay, well, it’s not the same thing. People call it that all the time, and there’s not usually any ambiguity. You should have assumed what I meant.
Proctor: You’re already here in Kansas City Missouri. Why would you ask to go somewhere when you’re already there? I figured you were trying to talk about something else. It would be like asking for a glass of water while you’re holding a glass of water.
Parole Officer: Umm...
Proctor: If you’ll excuse me, I’m on patrol.
Parole Officer: You’re not moving.
Proctor: That’s why I always get myself assigned a corner. I can see my entire day’s jurisdiction without having to move.
Parole Officer: Something’s wrong here. Who is the President of the United States?
Proctor: The president? There is no such thing. You can have a president of a neighborhood, maybe, but perhaps you mean the National Commander?
Parole Officer: Yeah, sure. Who is the National Commander?
Proctor: Commander Apostle Virtue.
Parole Officer: Apostle Virtue. That’s their real name?
Proctor: Of course it is. Why?
Parole Officer: Yeah, this is definitely the wrong world.
Proctor: What was that?
Parole Officer: Nothing. Never mind. Don’t worry about it. Listen, I’m homeless, and I don’t have any money. Is there perhaps a shelter nearby, or somewhere else I could stay to get out of the elements.
Proctor: Is that a joke? Please tell me that you’re joking.
Parole Officer: I wish I was, but I’m afraid I’m not where I should be, and I need some help. I know the law, I shouldn’t sleep out on the streets, but I don’t know where I can go. I’m obviously very unfamiliar with this area. I’ve traveled from far away.
Proctor: Oh my God. Why did it have to be my corner? Months without incident, and then you show up to make things more complicated. The paperwork, the paperwork...
Parole Officer: I don’t think that’s necessary. Just tell me where I can go. I’ll get there myself, even if it’s far. I don’t mind walking.
Proctor: No, I have to arrest you.
Parole Officer: What? Hey, watch it! Why exactly are you handcuffing me?
Proctor: Homelessness is illegal. You could have gotten away with it, and stayed hidden, but you went and confessed to me. Now I have no choice. Don’t resist.

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