Friday, June 23, 2023

Microstory 1915: The Other Bond

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Fugitive Agent: So, how do you feel, man?
Fugitive Agent: What was in that stuff you had me drink?
Fugitive Agent: It was just bitterwater. Literally water with rhubarb and hops.
Fugitive Agent: Well, I feel...
Fugitive Agent: Free? That’s because of the decision you made to join us. It’s not magic, and there was nothing in the water, or on the knife that cut your palm. This is all you, buddy. Welcome to The Bond.
Fugitive Agent: I caught all the rules, but they never mentioned how to ask for a favor. Do I have to give one to get one, errr...?
Fugitive Agent: Nah, man. We all know your situation, and that it’s time sensitive. You’ll have to reaffirm your promise that no harm will come to the escapees you’re looking for, but our network will find them for ya. Someone in this town has to know something.
Fugitive Agent: I appreciate it. Can I put my clothes back on now?
Fugitive Agent: No one told you to take them off.
Fugitive Agent: What?
Fugitive Agent: *laughing* I’m kidding. Yeah, here you go. I’ll meet you outside, okay?
Fugitive Agent: Thanks.
Freewoman: We don’t have to do that.
Fugitive Agent: Whoa. Who are you?
Freewoman: I’m an ex-con too. We meet in the other basketball court.
Fugitive Agent: Sorry, I didn’t know anyone else would be in this supply room.
Freewoman: It’s okay. You ain’t got nothin’ I’ve never seen before.
Fugitive Agent: So, what were you saying?
Freewoman: The nudity thing. And the blood pact. We don’t do that to form our bond.
Fugitive Agent: Oh, they never said that there was another bond group.
Freewoman: Well, there is. We heard about you. I have to say, by only bonding with them, you’re missing out on about eleven percent of the people who could help you.
Fugitive Agent: Like I said, I didn’t know. I wouldn’t be able to join, though, would I?
Freewoman: *smirking* There’s a way for you to join without joining.
Fugitive Agent: I don’t understand.
Freewoman: You would have to go through another ceremony, but it’s not like the one you just had, or even the one I had for mine.
Fugitive Agent: What does it involve?
Freewoman: It’s like...a sort of...marriage.
Fugitive Agent: Come again?
Freewoman: If you were to get couple bonded with—say, me—I could conscript my girls to look out for your escapees, in addition to the guys you already have on it.
Fugitive Agent: That really does sound like marriage.
Freewoman: You would be free to marry someone in real life, if you wanted. We don’t go get a marriage certificate at the law station. It’s for cross-promotional purposes only.
Fugitive Agent: Can I think about it?
Freewoman: Of course, but I’m not the one working under a deadline, am I?

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