Monday, June 12, 2023

Microstory 1906: Thoughts On Mateo Daily

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I can’t believe that this story arc is over. Not too long after I first came up with the weekly scheduling format for this series, I decided that there should come a time when I alter that for in-universe reasons. I waited eight years for what would become Mateo Daily, and while I never really know what’s going to happen too far down the line in the story, it now feels more up in the air than it has in the past. I made some mistakes during this arc—I’ll admit that—and left some threads loose. If you were to read my nanofiction tweets, for instance, you would hear Dalton mention that his compatriot is Heath Walton, who is a recurring character in Mateo Daily. I ran out of time to explain that twist, and now the only way I’ll be able to get to it is just by a throwaway line, or maybe a cameo. I introduced characters who were less important than I thought they would be, and others were left hanging. I’m sure that there are plot holes too. It’s really hard to keep track of where everyone is, what they’ve recently done, and especially what they know. Has Character A ever met Character B, and if not, have they at least heard of them before? I write about time travel, so it’s often fine, because when in doubt, I can just say, yeah, they met...a hundred years from now, and in an alternate timeline. That trick didn’t always work when they were in the Third Rail, so forgive me and my errors.

Anyway, Mateo Daily was incredibly stressful, and pretty time consuming. Not only did I find it more difficult to maintain continuity, but I also ended up writing longer installments than I assumed I would. They weren’t usually as long as normal macrofiction installments, but they sometimes were, and they were usually not as short as microfiction stories either. I regret nothing, though. As I said in the introduction, I have no current plans to alter the format so drastically again, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I’ll let the story tell me what needs to be done to make it work. For now, I’m returning to the weekly format. Team Matic’s story is not yet over. They still have to deal with the Reconvergence, and the consequences of it. After that, I’m not tellin’, but I promise, they’ll stay busy. Tomorrow is the beginning of the Conversations microfiction series, which will be written in dialogue form, like the Interview Transcripts series. Starting Saturday, Leona will stand with the rest of the Shortlist on...The Edge.

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