Thursday, June 15, 2023

Microstory 1909: An Officer Arrested

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Senior Proctor: Street Proctor, why did you arrest that man in there?
Street Proctor: He told me that he was homeless. My hands were tied. Ha, now his hands are tied.
Senior Proctor: Did you happen to search his person before you brought him in?
Street Proctor: Of course I did.
Senior Proctor: So you noticed that he was carrying this badge?
Street Proctor: I...of course I did. I didn’t think anything of it. It looks fake. I don’t recognize that design.
Senior Proctor: I don’t either, but feel how heavy it is.
Street Proctor: That doesn’t make it real.
Senior Proctor: I think it’s real to him, and I’m interested to find out where he got it, and why he has it. Don’t you? He didn’t identify himself as a parole officer, did he? Why do you think that is? It may have saved him some trouble.
Street Proctor: I have no idea. I probably would have left him alone if he had.
Senior Proctor: Let’s go in there and have a chat.
Street Proctor: His biometric results aren’t in yet.
Senior Proctor: I have a feeling they’re not going to find him in the system. *Opens door* Good evening. My name is Senior Proctor. Can you tell me what your name is?
Parole Officer: Miazga. Leonard Miazga.
Senior Proctor: It’s nice to meet you, Officer Miazga. You are an officer, correct?
Leonard Miazga: I am. I work for the Kansas City Metro Corps Department of Corrections as a parole officer for non-violent crimes.
Senior Proctor: Wow, that’s a mouthful. If you have steady work, why do you not have a permanent residential address?
Leonard: I choose to exercise my right to remain silent.
Senior Proctor: *laughs* What? Your right to remain silent? Never heard of it. Have you, Street Proctor?
Street Proctor: Can’t say that I have, boss.
Senior Proctor: I’ve never heard of the Kansas City Metro Corps either.
Street Proctor: Me neither.
Senior Proctor: Look, I don’t know what you’re tryin’ to pull here with this piece of junk badge, and your made up stories about being an officer of the court—
Street Proctor: I don’t either.
Senior Proctor: That’s enough, Street Proctor. Anyway, Mr. Miazga, my subordinate was right when he told you that he had no choice but to arrest you. If you have nowhere to live, you live in a jail cell. That’s the law. Understand?
Leonard: I understand.
Senior Proctor: Good.
Leonard: I understand that this country created no laws protecting suspected law-breakers, nor any meant to promote a sense of due process or fairness in justice.
Senior Proctor: Get him out of here. Pin that badge on him, and threaten his life if he tries to take it off. Let the other criminals in there decide how they feel about it.

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