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Friday, June 16, 2023

Microstory 1910: Detained

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Street Proctor: Here you are, boys, fresh meat! And look, he’s a cop! Have fun!
Detainee 1: Is that true? Were you a cop?
Leonard: I was—I am—a parole officer. It was my job to keep guys like you out of jail after you left. I’m trying to get back to that life.
Detainee 1: I see. *stands up*
Leonard: Look, I’m not here to fight.
Detainee 1: Me neither. My parole officer kept me out for ten years before she was murdered. I’m in here because I found the dirty cop who did her in, and put him in the ground. I just wanna shake your hand.
Detainee 2: Heh. They probably thought that we would kill you for wearing that badge.
Detainee 3: They’re proctors. Proctors are morons. All they do is observe and report.
Leonard: Observe and report? He arrested me when I told him that I was homeless.
Detainee 2: Yeah, he’s technically not allowed to do that.
Detainee 1: Cops are cops. Since when do they care what the law says? Present company excluded, of course.
Leonard: I’ve barely been here an hour, and I already don’t understand this world.
Detainee 2: What’s to understand? Everyone’s corrupt. That’s all you need to know.
Leonard: *whispering to himself* I gotta get outta here.
Detainee 3: I’m in.
Leonard: Huh? I don’t mean out of jail. I can’t break any more laws. I just mean this area. I’m far from home, and I want to get back to my family.
Detainee 1: It’s not illegal to break out of jail.
Leonard: It’s not? These laws really are weird.
Detainee 1: The only catch is if you get caught, you’ll go back to jail to await trial, and they will probably use your attempted escape against you. Though it will not technically be a charge, the judge will rule based on his personal feelings on the matter. Obviously most of them frown upon it, so if we’re doing this, let’s not get caught.
Detainee 3: Oh, but if you physically harm someone in the process, that can be an added charge. The good news is, as you’ve already seen, the police at this particular station are incredibly incompetent...easily embarrassed. We should be able to slip past.
Detainee 2: Yeah, and they won’t want to open an investigation, or initiate a pursuit, because that makes them look bad. They’re liable to wipe us from the system, and hope that no one else finds out.
Detainee 3: Plus his badge.
Detainee 2: Oh yeah, you have that badge. I don’t recognize it, but if you’re clever, they won’t notice. We’ll just wanna wait until a shift change, so no one will recognize you.
Detainee 1: So how about it, paroler? You wanna break out of here?
Detainee 4: I got somethin’ to say.
Detainee 3: Detainee 4, you’re awake.
Detainee 4: I heard every word, and I have one question. What do we do about him?
Jail Guard: I hate proctors too. Anyway, I need some more coffee. Don’t you go breakin’ out while I’m gone, ya hear? It’ll probably take me about an hour.

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