Thursday, December 12, 2019

Microstory 1254: Apothem Sarkisyan

All of the Sarkisyan children were named after mathematical terms, but Apothem Sarkisyan’s older sister, Dodeka was the only relative that he ever knew. His father was killed by a time traveling vigilante, leaving the two of them parentless. The rest of the children were being cared for elsewhere. Concerned for their wellbeing, a powerful choosing one named Meliora kept the siblings from foster care, and relocated them to a planet millions of light years away, where she had begun to populate a protected hotel for those who had been negatively impacted by time travel. Dodeka would come to work at the hotel, and unwittingly start a movement that would translate into an entirely new society, but Apothem had no such aspirations. Technically, at the time of his arrival, working was not a requirement. Of course, he was a child at that point anyway, but as he grew up, he didn’t really see the need for having a job. He did, however, seek adventure, and if there was one thing the warded planet didn’t provide, it was a life of excitement. He was in his early twenties, and living a relatively sedentary lifestyle, when a special machine arrived. It was called The Crossover, because it was capable of traversing the space between separate universes. The operator at the time was seeking guidance from Meliora on an unrelated matter, but since the Sarkisyans were close to her, Apothem was around. The crew agreed to give him a tour, and he was so fascinated by the machine that he expressed a desire to travel on it with them. Seeing no reason not to, everyone agreed to let him leave, but it was not without conditions. The Crossover regularly experienced personnel turnover, none of whom were only passengers. Everyone had something to do, even if it was only to complete missions on other worlds. Apothem could only come if he contributed in his own way. The only thing that he was qualified for, however, was working in the hotel section, so that was where he went. He didn’t really have any experience in the industry, but he often watched his sister work, so he had some idea of what to do. This was how he became Kingdom Hotel’s bellhop, eventually adopting the moniker of Bell. This wasn’t part of some master plan, and they weren’t codependent, or anything. He and his sister found their respective callings under wildly different conditions, and in the grand scheme of things, they had wildly different responsibilities. He would go down in history as the longest running crew member of The Crossover of all. Operators and pilots come and go, but he just stayed with it. Sometimes the job was really stressful, but most of the time, he just hung out, and visited strange new worlds. This was the life, and he would never give it up.

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