Friday, December 20, 2019

Microstory 1260: Kalea Akopa

There wasn’t a whole lot of joy in Springfield after it was pulled into the Deathfall, and marooned on the rogue world of Durus. There were monsters to fight against, a lack of resources, which caused a lot of unrest, and though there was atmosphere, warmth, and life, there was no sun as of yet. The Akopas took all of this in stride. They had each other, and that was really all that mattered. They figured the town would get through it as long as they worked together, and they put a lot of time into trying to make that happen in their own special way. Neither of the parents were skilled workers, and their son was too young to have entered the workforce. They were really good, however, at providing entertainment, and keeping people comfortable. They would regularly host get-togethers, and other events, and their house, trying to lighten the mood for everyone. These were poorly attended in the beginning, as people felt like there was far too much to be done to protect themselves and survive, but over time, people realized they needed it. These events were eventually moved to larger venues, becoming more extravagant and elaborate, and accommodating more people. They would all go crazy if they didn’t take the time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. These breaks helped boost morale, and actually increased productivity. Disagreements and more dangerous conflicts were often tempered or erase because of one of the Akopa parties. There was, of course, a no violence rule. When source mage, Kalea Akopa was older, she continued this tradition. The borders of the now multiple towns were being well-protected, and a real civilization was actually prospering. While some of the other source mages were concerned with maintaining this protection, or with selecting the other mages who would be doing this protecting, Kalea just liked to keep it casual. She remained positive at all times, at least when she interacted with other people, and she helped mediate arguments when it was necessary. Her unflappable attitude could have been really annoying and irrational, but she recognized that she was a little different, and she knew how to appreciate that sometimes people just needed to feel something other than joy. She was aware that others weren’t happy all the time like her. She made an effort to sort of downplay her constant optimism, and be a little more low key. She didn’t have to do this, but it was one of the many things that made her a good person. Kalea was really good at making people feel comfortable and safe. People couldn’t go to her for advice, because that just wasn’t her strength, but they could always count on her to help them escape from their problems, and to make them feel better, if only temporarily. It was truly unfortunate what ultimately happened to her, because if no more than one person on the two worlds didn’t deserve to suffer as such, it was Kalea.

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