Monday, December 2, 2019

Microstory 1246: Kayetan Glaston

Kayetan Glaston wasn’t the best person in the world, but he wasn’t the worst either. His alliances would shift constantly, not according to the highest bidder, or anything, but based on whoever asked him last. He didn’t really have an agenda, or any goals, of his own. He was given the nickname of The Merger, but he didn’t ask people to call him that. Merging was an ambiguous word, which required contextual specificity, and he was only a spatio-temporal merger, so he didn’t feel it properly distinguished him. He had the ability to bring together two different locations, across time and space. If he concentrated hard enough, he could merge more than two, and he was one time able to summon an entire Colosseum full of people from all over spacetime, but it required a special booster, and he was in a coma for over a week because of it. Anyone close enough to one of these merge points would be able to cross from one location to the other as if turning down a new street. He was often called to action by other choosing ones who either weren’t capable of traveling themselves, or had some special reason for wanting to do it his way. He didn’t care who was doing the asking, but if he didn’t feel like responding, then he wouldn’t. He didn’t care about money, or payment of any kind. He could go anywhere and anywhen he wanted, so like many other temporal manipulators, static worldly possessions seemed mostly pointless to him. People like him understood better than anyone just how temporary any given object was, and how foolish it was to covet anything. He was particularly disinterested in gathering things, though. He spent his days wandering around time and space, and when there was nowhere he wanted to go, he was watching TV, or reading a book. Apathetic was probably the most common word used to describe him, though it wasn’t accurate. Neutral would be a better one. He did care what happened to people, but he wasn’t always good at choosing the right side, and that got him into trouble. Still, there was no one instance where he switched from sometimes working with bad people, to working exclusively with those with good intentions. He just slowly phased out the unsavory clients in favor of the more benevolent ones. However, this is time travel we’re talking about, so exactly when he did anything was simply a matter of perspective. If contacted, there was no telling where in his personal timeline Kayetan happened to be, or what he had been through up until that point. At no point in his history, however, was he evil, so there was at least that.

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