Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Microstory 103: Shaun Rice

Shaun Rice lived in the cold of northern Dakota. He discovered as a child that he could create holograms out of nothing. He decided to tell no one about his ability. After years of practice, he learned nothing more about it. What he could do on the first day was precisely what he could do as an adult. He didn’t progress, and he didn’t change. At some point, he realized that his ability probably had something to do with his decision to become a graphic designer, ultimately working at a local news station. Shaun only ever revealed his secret to his family, but mostly out of necessity. His extramarital son presented an ability of his own, though all he seemed to be able to do was basically suck all the light out of the immediate area. Claude was pretty bummed about how lame his ability was, and exhibited poor behavior throughout adolescence. His daughter by his wife, however, was extraordinary. Catriona exercised more control over her holograms; focusing the light better so that they looked more real. She could hold up multiple holograms without thinking, and make them move as they would in the real world. It was because of her that he agreed to move his entire family to Bellevue. She needed to be around others like her, and have free reign to be herself. There were very few other children at Bellevue, and even fewer of them were Generation Twos like Catriona and Claude. He was devastated when she went missing, along with other children. He would later find out that their disappearance had something to do with his wife who had a secret of her own.

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