Thursday, July 9, 2015

Microstory 99: Problems (in no particular order)

People who refuse to work but expect money from their parents; That my dog is dead; Paper; Ignorance; Machismo; Customer service; Running; Microsoft; Trash; Religions holding back progress; Hypocrisy; Gender roles; Lack of (sex) education; Cheapness of fast food and expense of healthy food; Hunger; People who pronounce en route more like “in route” (that’s not right, it’s French); People eating babies; Yemen; Emojis in place of words; Texting and driving; Sweat shops; Libertarianism; Sports; Animal abuse; PETA; Treating teenagers like their thoughts and issues are trivial; Oil dependence; Neo-nazis; Betrayal; Global warming; Global warming deniers; Facebook; Rapists being considered part of a “culture”; Speed limits; Victim blaming; Slut-shaming; Entitlement; Show cancellations; Expensive healthcare; The sixth extinction; Smart but mean people; People who are above owning a television; Police brutality; People who try to correct my grammar even though I’m the one with the linguistics degree (e.g. claiming it’s wrong to end a sentence in a preposition); Infant mortality; Cold weather; Homelessness; People who are grossed out by the human body; Awkward situations; Claiming that all poor people choose to be poor; Facial and body hair; Shaving; Donald Trump; Utah in general; Nerd/Geek superiority complexes; People who don’t shower before bed (ya’ll got dirty beds); (Young Earth) Creationism; Illiteracy; Inequality; Pollution; Bad drivers (and the excuses for them); Parties of all kinds; Insurance (I pay monthly so that when something happens, I’ve already paid for it. If you raise my rates then you are charging me twice!); Homophobia; Spiders; Apple (the company); Terrorism; States rights; Glamorization of poor role models; People who spell it as theater; Tobacco, alcohol, and other recreational drugs; Apathy; Amazon (the company); Hunting for sport; People caring about a politician’s personal sex life; Car racing; Mormon encouragement of child rape; Colony Collapse Disorder; Freak accidents; Freeganism; Tax loopholes; Depression; Public bathroom doors that open inward; Side effects; Drought; Death; Piercings and tattoos (a.k.a. bad skin); Overpopulation; Guilt trips; Poverty; Disease; Onions; The U.S. Constitution (it’s outdated); Nuclear research for weapons rather than energy; The Lumineers; Scientology; War; The Bible; Idiocracy (the concept)

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