Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Microstory 112: Catriona Rice

Catriona Rice, daughter of anomaly Shaun Rice, was born with an aura of majestic light all around her body. Her mother reported feeling no pain during labor. As an infant, Catriona would replicate her toys as holographic images naturally. Her abilities presented themselves at the second earliest age of all anomalies, besides the mutants; the first being Francis Deering who spontaneously switched between male and female while still in the womb. Catriona was kept away from others until she was old enough to recognize the need to hide her abilities from anyone outside of her family. She grew up as a very independent child, learning life skills quickly. She was the polar opposite of her much older half-brother, Claude who remained annoyingly immature for his whole life. When Catriona was a teenager, she was hanging out with some of the younger members of Bellevue. Not all of them were fellow Generation Twos. In fact, not all of them were anomalies. A mysterious force came upon them, designed to take Catriona away, for a reason that her mother would be able to explain. But due to a logistical error, the force ended up sweeping several of the other children with her. They ended up being taken far across time and space against their will. Catriona later had the chance to return home, but made the decision not to. She went on many great adventures, and saved the world a number of times with her friends. She was marked down in the history books as one of the greatest heroes of all time, and became a household name across the universe.

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