Thursday, July 23, 2015

Microstory 109: Seoc Lyne

Máire Lyne and her brother, Seoc Lyne did not share the exact same ability, though they were similar. While Máire could merge other people into her body, Seoc could merge himself into other people’s bodies. This was not spirit possession. He had control over neither their actions nor their minds, though he was able to communicate with his host using a psychic connection. He would also cause his host to become nigh invulnerable. Despite having grown up in Ireland, the siblings left the island at an early age to live with a distant cousin in Greenland following the death of their parents. They were eventually conscripted into the agency that acted as the intelligence and paramilitary arm of the Confederacy. The organization was so secretive that it was never given a name. There they both trained as field agents, using their abilities in an elite strike force that traveled the world, stopping terrorist attacks and other threats before they happened. Though Seoc could fuse with anyone and everyone, he found it to be a rather personal endeavor, and chose only to do so with his partner, Rashad. After many missions of sharing the same body; exchanging private thoughts and emotions, Seoc and Rashad fell in love with each other, and ultimately set a date for marriage. A notorious separatist leader known only as The Destruction gathered enough intelligence on the team, and attacked them during the couple’s engagement dinner. Seoc and Rashad were too far apart from each other and were unable to merge, leading to Rashad’s gruesome death. For years, Seoc remained behind a desk, refusing to merge himself into anyone else. His sister remained on the team, on the hunt for The Destruction and his network. It was only when Bellevue came out to the world that he decided to go back into the field. He and his sister quit their agency and developed a new strike force; consisting only of people with abilities. Seoc soon caught up with the Destruction, and placed him in Bellevue lockup. This would turn out to be the first of many missions successfully completed by the infamous Team 8.

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