Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Microstory 93: Superfan

All the actors and actresses were shooting the scene perfectly when the camera started to glow. The crew stepped back from it, unsure of what was happening. A beam of light shot out of the lens and expanded. It formed into the shape of a man. He was sitting on the floor in nothing but his boxers, claiming to have been watching the show weeks from now, when it was airing on television. The science expert they had hired to consult on the show suggested they try to recreate the scenario. As soon as the visitor walked out towards the editing room to look at some old footage, he returned with the editor through another door, claiming that it had happened again, and that they were both from ten minutes in the future. Now that they knew the visitor could take people with him, the science consultant had an idea. They spoke with the government, and gathered together a group of scientists over the course of the next couple of years to study and test the visitor’s abilities. The final test was with a spaceship and a telescope that was capable of looking at distant light that was taking so long to reach Earth, that it was actually from the past. As soon as the visitor disappeared, along with a couple dozen volunteer geniuses from all fields of science, they all returned in a different and far more advanced ship. “Come on,” the visitor said. “We live in the Andromeda galaxy. All of our ships can travel faster than light now. And we’ve figured out how to become immortal.”

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