Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Microstory 113: Clarity Garner

Following Bellevue’s decision to go public, other historical truths came to light. Ancient and alien technologies were revealed to exist to the world at large. But before this happened, there were a few who already knew the truth. A family had been keeping the secret for many, many generations. It was tradition that the youngest child born was told the secrets so that they could protect a large cache of artifacts. Clarity Garner was the youngest sibling, however, she was born as an accident, and her brother had already been given the responsibility. She was, therefore, purposely left in the dark. Unfortunately, her entire family, including her brother, was killed in a major catastrophe. She grew up in foster care, but maintained a suspicion regarding her family. Eventually, she learned the truths on her own. She made her way to the artifact warehouse and began experimenting with what she found there. Most of these highly advanced inventions were completely nonfunctional, but a few still worked magnificently. She began to train on her own, as well as with various professionals, but she kept the secrets to herself. She wore a suit that protected her from a host of hostile environments, special bands that enhanced her agility, mumble activated augmented reality glasses, a belt that allowed her to pass through walls, and a ring that shielded her from physical attacks. She carried special weapons she referred to as her clubs. They had a variety of different functions, not all of which were designed to be harmful, but they were entirely indestructible. She had no superhuman ability—though she had to inject herself with a special formula on a regular basis that allowed her shield ring to hold a charge—but she was a capable fighter even without her gadgets. She went on secret missions to help those in need. Inspired by the very public good works of Candelabra, she decided to come out of the shadows and become a full-fledged vigilante, eventually forming her own Bellevue team that was responsible for field operations in all of North America.

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