Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Microstory 137: Posie McKenna

Posie McKenna was born in Bloomington, Indiana to a fairly wealthy family. She had a pretty happy childhood, and worked at a number of jobs as she grew up, always interested in learning a multitude of skills. After receiving her college degree in psychology, she took out some time for travel, and to find her purpose in life. After a couple of years, she decided to return home and expand on her psychology background by going to licensure school so that she could earn her certification to be a paramour. Though sex-based therapy was a preexisting profession, Posie was a pioneer in her field, and innovated a number of special techniques that were published in journals and adopted by her contemporaries. As far as being an anomaly went, she had the ability to store her own and other people’s memories, along with any other data, in everyday objects. Like Upton Starr’s and Patience Cooney’s stones, the data wasn’t actually being stored in the objects themselves, rather they served as focal points to artificial dimensions. Her ability would later help advance computer systems as a whole, but in terms of her personal life, she found no use for it. In line with her nomadic tendencies, Posie agreed to join Bellevue, continuing her work, but now as the in-house paramour. She would later be put in charge of records and archives, but that never took up much of her time.

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