Thursday, September 3, 2015

Microstory 139: Hester Khan

There was a long and strict vetting process for prospective residents of a coveted gated community in Roanoke, Virginia, and such an occurrence had been a rarity for years. Every current resident was aware of a special secret about one of their own. Hester Khan lived in the most luxurious house at the end of a cul-de-sac, despite her feigned reluctance for the treatment. She was employed as the neighborhood gardener because of her ability. She could remotely dissolve living cells with incredible accuracy. This would have allowed her to kill people, or other living creatures, with a single thought, but that was not her use. Instead, she tailored her skills to keep the grass cut to the perfect length, bushes trimmed into ornate patterns, and other plants nice and pruned. All she had to do was focus on a single line of cells in a plant, and once she completely destroyed them, the remaining two parts would be separated from each other. As many anomalies did, she practiced her ability on her own as she was growing up. By the time she was hired as the gardener, should could clip an entire lawn in a split second. She was not paid a wage for her services, per se, but she was given anything and everything she needed, or wanted, by the homeowner association. She was included as a kind of amenity for all residents, along with the pool and recreational center. Like Donna Belmonte and her town, the majority of Hester’s neighbors ended up moving to Bellevue with her, and forming a tight-knit community so that she could continue her work as the groundskeeper. By the time knowledge of Bellevue’s existence had reached the public, it had formed into a fairly large town of its own, complete with its own security and law enforcement. Any government or other entity that threatened its survival was met with strong opposition. Their dedication and loyalty helped lift Bellevue up from obscurity to become a respected and legitimate organization.

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