Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Microstory 158: Ceres Concordia

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The fact that Ceres Concordia was born with a laughable name didn’t stop her from being an exquisite specimen. Though her outward appearance looked standard human, her body was radically different, technically allowing her to be classified as a mutant. She was born with two copies of each organ, with each one in a pair fully capable of sustaining her on its own. If one is damaged, the other will take over without missing a beat, while it’s flushed out and replaced. All of Ceres’ bones, muscles, skin, and other tissue are far superior to that of anyone else’s, making her physically stronger than anyone. Her body won’t heal as quickly as Dores Roach can heal others, but still faster than normal. She has multiple miniature brains throughout her body to spread around the danger. Though this has never been tested, it is assumed that severing her head from her body would not necessarily result in her death, and that what was left of her would be able to repair itself completely. Upon discovering her mutations following a kitchen knife wound that healed too quickly, Ceres’ doctors broke confidentiality and alerted the government. She was forced to flee the country with her father while her mother threw their pursuers off the trail. She remained on the move for years until Bellevue came out to the public, and fittingly joined the program around the same time as the other mutants. Because she spent much of her time on the run, she wasn’t given the opportunity to learn a skill, but she was in peak physical condition, and so she worked with Drummond Breckenridge in the physical fitness department.

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