Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Microstory 138: Flora Canto

Many found it interesting that a person named Flora Canto would be able to control the growth of plant life. It fueled unpopular speculation that anomaly abilities had less to do with genetics and more to do with how an individual was raised. Those educated enough laughed at such theories. Those with an understanding of the past knew that such an idea was not out of the realm of possibility, and had actually happened many years ago. When Nevada native, Flora was young, her mother took her to the new botanical gardens in Arizona. As part of the fun, the gardens handed out bags of seeds that children could use to learn how to plant. While her mother was distracted, flirting with a garden worker, Flora started noticing that an entire section of plants were dying right before her eyes. She had already exhausted her bag of seeds, but she had the urge to solve the problem, so she grabbed a handful from the bag of a girl near her and scattered them on the ground. Upon her command, the entire section sprouted back up with new plants and flowers. Only a few other people were around, many of them fully aware of what it was like to keep a secret, so the word did not spread about the miracle at that time. Her mother took her back home and warned her to never again do what she had around other people. Still, she could not help but spread life. She felt like it was her responsibility. Over the years, there were rumors of plants in the deserts of Laughlin that did not belong there, and could not have grown naturally. Because of this, she was eventually discovered and kidnapped by an associate of a Bellevue member. He held her in captivity, along with a small number of other anomalies, until they were uncovered and freed by Bellevue before the second stage of recruitment had even begun. Despite having had no prior experience, Flora stepped into a leadership position for Bellevue, and was third to the primary leader.

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